FUNIK was Shortlisted as A Key Back-up Enterprise Listed in Henan Province

Published: 2020-01-09 Publisher: Funik

Recently, the local financial supervision bureau of Henan Province issued news that the list of key back-up enterprises to be listed in Henan Province was officially announced. Many enterprises, including Funik Ultrahard Material Co., Ltd., were shortlisted.

As an encouraging industry listed in the Guidance Catalog of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019 Edition), superhard materials belong to the key industries supported by the state, with strong competitiveness, high growth and good development prospects. Henan will concentrate its efforts on supporting high-quality enterprises with outstanding business and high market recognition, such as Funik, and speed up their listing process. Under a series of favorable measures, Growth Enterprises Market, Science and Technology Innovation Board and other capital markets are expected to usher in more new forces of superhard materials.