PCD Blank

In 2008, Funik set up the world's top research center of superhard material - composite materials - cutting tool application integration, which further strengthened our leading position in the field of superhard materials research. Additionally, the huge R&D investment and the close joint with customers enable us to find new methods to transform the premium feature of the superhard materials into the products with innovative performance. There are obvious advantages in both performance and price compared with competitors.

Advantages of Funik PCD Blank:
With continuous impact resistance, outstanding thermal stability and superior wear resistance, it can ensure excellent workpiece quality and offer extremely long life of cutting tool.
Its working conditions and the machining performance in the application can achieve an ideal balance, and it can meet the requirements of cutting or grinding and also be equipped with chipping resistance, wear resistance, discharge characteristic and grindability.
Thickness scan of PCD layer. Funik offers a unique ultrasound scan that can map the thickness distribution of the PCD layer. The PCD scan identifies the 'North Point', which matches the 'North Point' laser-engraved on the disc, enabling users to optimize the cutting areas.
Grade Grain size Bond Feature Application
PCD510 10μm Metal General PCD grade, with high impact resistance and high wear resistance Wood, graphite, stone, metal, etc.
PCD512W 10μm Metal General PCD grade, with good EDM cutting performance, high wear resistance and high impact resistance Wood, plastic board, graphite, ceramic, metal, etc.
PCD605 5μm Metal Excellent wire EDM and mechanical cutting performance with high impact resistance and high wear resistance Low silicon aluminum alloy, wood, plastic, metal, etc.
PCD612 10μm Metal General PCD grade, with high impact resistance and very high wear resistance Middle silicon aluminum alloy, metal composite materials, ceramic, plexiglass, graphite, metal, etc.
PCD632 2-30μm Metal Excellent wear resistance, high thermal stability and high impact resistance through adopting mixed grains High silicon aluminum alloy, composite plastics, bimetal, metal composite materials, ceramic, etc.
Application condition and machining performance
Grade Impact resistance Wear resistance Electric spark machining performance Machinability
Parameters for product specifications


Outer diameter (mm)

PCD layer (mm)

Total thickness (+/-0.05mm)













PCD510 / PCD512W / PCD612

63 / 75








1.Grades selection needs consider 4 main factors including impact resistance, wear resistance, electric spark machining performance and machinability.

2.Other size and models can be customized.

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