Intellectual Property Protection

Published: 2020-06-29 Publisher: Funik

The intellectual property protection system is committed to protecting the intellectual achievements of the right holders in the fields of science, technology and culture. The protection of intellectual property rights is the basis of global trade and the premise for enterprises to integrate into economic globalization. While creating, utilizing and protecting our own intellectual property rights, we also fully respect the due protection of all other legitimate intellectual property rights.

Since Funik successfully applied for the first patent, through continuous R & D investment, establishing and implementing the "intellectual property body" strategy and improving the intellectual property management system, the company has obtained a total of 340 national patents.

As a pilot enterprise of patent navigation, Funik participated in the patent navigation project implemented by the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC in 2013, which not only strengthened the company's patent information utilization and management capacity, but also enhanced the company's technological innovation and market competitiveness.

Funik passed the certification of Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard in 2016, won the honorary title of “Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in Henan Province”, won the 19th “China Patent Excellence Award” in 2017, and won the title of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" in 2019.