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Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Catalog (revised in 2007) of National Development and Reform Commission

Superhard materials and high-speed superhard cutting tools for precision CNC machining all belong to industries that encourage foreign investment



F.G.B.G.J. [2009] No. 952 Document of the National Development and Reform Commission

Approve Henan superhard materials and products characteristic high-tech industrial chain to become the first domestic high-tech industrial chain with regional characteristics



Plan for the Adjustment and Revitalization of Equipment Manufacturing Industry by the General Office of the State Council

Focus on the development of high-efficiency, high-performance, precision and complex cutting tools, high-grade and precision abrasives and grinding tools, etc.



Outline of the Twelfth Five-year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China

Speed up the application of new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment to transform and upgrade traditional industries; vigorously develop strategic emerging industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles, etc., and cultivate and develop into a leading and pillar industry.



Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the 12th Five-year Plan of the Science and Technology Development

Master key technologies such as design, preparation and processing, efficient utilization, safe service and low-cost recycling of new materials, improve the supply capacity of key materials, and seize the commanding heights of new material application technology and high-end manufacturing



The Twelfth Five-year Development Plan of the New Material Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Consolidate the technical advantages of synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride superhard materials, and vigorously develop functional superhard materials and large-size and high-power optoelectronic crystal materials and products



The Twelfth Five-year Plan for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries of the State Council

Cultivate the high-end equipment manufacturing industry into a pillar industry of the national economy, promote the intelligent, precision and green development of the manufacturing industry, actively develop superhard materials and products, and guide the structural adjustment of the material industry



Made in China 2025 G.F. (2015) No. 28 of the State Council

Before 2025, vigorously support the strategies of CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, aviation equipment, marine engineering equipment and ships, automobiles, energy conservation and environmental protection, which are closely related to the national economy, national defense construction and people's life, to give priority to the development of industries and make key breakthroughs



The State Council's National Strategic Development Plan for Emerging Industries during the 13th Five-year Plan

Optimize the industrialization and application environment of new materials, strengthen the construction of new material standard system, improve the application level of new materials, and promote the integration of new materials into the high-end manufacturing supply chain



Henan Provincial People's Government's Strategic Development Plan of Emerging Industries during the 13th Five-year Plan of Henan Province

Speed up the development of advanced materials industry. With ultra-lightweight, alloying, specialization, high performance and green as the main direction, focus on developing high-end alloy materials, new energy batteries and electronic information materials, enhance the development advantages of superhard materials and nylon materials, and actively develop new functional materials



The General Office of Henan Provincial Government issued the Action Plan for the Transformation and Upgrading of Henan New Material Industry (2017-2020)

It is proposed that we should adhere to the "high-end, composite and product", give full play to the cluster effect, speed up the coordinated development of raw and auxiliary materials, superhard materials and products, introduce and cultivate high-end products, and build a leading domestic and internationally well-known superhard material production base



Classification of Strategic Emerging Industries (2018) of National Bureau of Statistics G.J.T.J.J.L. No. 23

As a new material, cubic boron nitride and synthetic diamond play an important leading role in the overall economic and social development and long-term development, and are officially listed as strategic emerging industries



Zhengzhou New Material Industry Transformation and Upgrading Action Plan (2017-2020) (Z.Z.B. (2018) No. 8) of General Office of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government

Regard the construction of superhard material base as one of the seven key tasks, increase the innovative development in the field of diamond and cubic boron nitride and the R & D and production of high-end products, improve the intelligent level of production, consolidate and enhance Zhengzhou's leading position in the domestic superhard material industry, and strive to build Zhengzhou into a world famous city of superhard material industry



Notice on Issuing the Implementation Plan for Improving the Quality of Zhengzhou Superhard Material Products (Z.Z.B. (2018) 105) of the General Office of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government

Carry out in-depth action to improve the quality of the superhard material industry, further improve the overall level of the superhard material industry, reach the international leading level in some areas, and give full play to the leading role of standards



Guiding Content of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019)

Functional synthetic diamond materials, vitrified materials for precision grinding and polishing, and abrasive and grinding tool matched with high-grade CNC machine tools are listed in the Content 2019 of Encouraging



Circular on the Issuance of the Three-year Action Plan for the High-quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry in Zhengzhou (2020-2022) of the General Office of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and the General Office of the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government (Z. B. (2020) No. 2)

Take the new material industry such as superhard materials as one of the six leading industries in Zhengzhou, and speed up the promotion of the basic capacity of the leading industry and the modernization level of the industrial chain



Implementation Plan for High quality Development of Manufacturing Industry in Zhengzhou in 2020 Z.Z.B. (2020) No. 19 of General Office of Zhengzhou People's Government "

Implement the plan to enhance the high value of new materials, speed up the tackling and industrialization of key core technologies, cultivate a number of superhard material enterprises at the core of the industrial chain and the high end of the value chain, and expand the high-end markets at home and abroad

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