Yuan Yongxin, Director of the Inspection Office of the Provincial Party Committee, Visited FUNIK

Published: 2020-03-06 Publisher: Funik

On the afternoon of March 5, Yuan Yongxin, director of the Inspection Office of the Provincial Party Committee, visited Funik Ultrahard Material Co., Ltd. to investigate the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the resumption of work and production, and the service for enterprises of inspection agencies. Niu Shujun, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Jiaozuo City and head of the leading group of inspection work of the Municipal Party Committee, Wang Jianzhong, director of the inspection office of the Municipal Party Committee of Jiaozuo City, Qin Yingjun, secretary of the Wuzhi County Party Committee and head of the leading group of the inspection work of the County Party Committee, Zhang Haijun, secretary of the Wuzhi County Discipline Inspection Commission, deputy leader of the leading group of inspection work of the County Party Committee, and Funik chief service officer, accompanied during the investigation.

Funik Ultrahard Material Co., Ltd.

Li Hexin, chairman of board of Funik, reported on the company's epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, inspection agencies, service for enterprises of chief service officer and so on, and introduced the company's development history, product types and product application areas. Funik has broken through a number of core technologies through independent innovation and industry-university-research cooperation and formed a series of products such as superhard materials, superhard composites and innovative superhard cutting tools, which have reached the domestic advanced and international leading level.

Funik Ultrahard Material Co., Ltd.

Yuan Yongxin and the others successively visited the company's exhibition hall, superhard cutting tool production center and quality inspection center, and inspected the protective facilities in the factory area. He had a detailed understanding of the company's the production and operation and the resumption of production, as well as the impact and affect of the epidemic on the development of the company, and highly appreciated the company's self-pressure, strict prevention and control, personnel rework rate reaching 95% in a highly responsible attitude, and domestic and foreign orders did not decline but increased.

Yuan Yongxin pointed out that if enterprises wanted to achieve both epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, at the more critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, the enterprises should take more stringent management and supervision to ensure the health of employees and the safe operation of enterprises. At the same time, it was necessary to seize opportunities, expand the market, and further make enterprises bigger and stronger. He fully affirmed the use of the chief service officer system in Wuzhi County to escort enterprises to return to work and production.