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    L120&SIF60 Boring cutter

    • ModelL120&SIF60
    • BrandFUNIK
    • PriceNegotiable

    1. Details



    Processing parameters:S1000,


    Workpiece Material:HT250

    Machining accuracy:Conduit holeD21.456,Valve seat holeD60.404;

    Roughness:Ra0.4,Coaxial degree:0.03;

    Tool guide bar beating precision:0.003mm

    Advantages and Applications


    ◆Innovative design guarantees high precision, high efficiency and stable processing 

    ◆Special clamping mechanism, easy adjustment and reliable performance 


    ◆Innovative design and special clamping mechanism guarantee the cutting stability of fine boring blade 

    ◆Closed-loop mechanical design 

           Cutting force forms a closed-loop, which can guarantee the stability of blade cutting and the stability of the clamping mechanism in the process of high feed.

           Note:cutting edge can increase the chip breaker, which guarantee the stability of the chip removal and avoid chip scratching from the hole wall. 

    Funik■High precision guide bar

           Not uniform conducting bar location design can meet the hole of the cylindricity, linear degree requires the guide bar beats < 0.003, cylindricity < 0.003. 


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