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    SNEN-XGR Milling Insert

    • ModelSNEN-XGR
    • BrandFUNIK
    • PriceNegotiable

    1. Details

    The Grades and Applications

    FormGradeApplication FeaturesApplication FieldsApplication Industry
    FBN 7025

    Roughing and finishing

    • Be suitable for rough ming, semi finishey milky and finish milling of gay cast eon. 

    • Be suitable Ice rough milky. semi finishey many and finish milling of hard cast iron.

    • Be suitatae for rough ming, semi finishing milling and finish milling of hardened steel.

    Automobile, Roll machine tool, Mould industry, etc.
    FBK 7520 Finishing• Be suitable for finishing ming of hard cast iron and gray cast iron. 


          Note:Preference Cutting edge condition can be customized


    Type Dimension
    ISO L φi.c r

    SNEN 0904XGR

    99.525 4.76 0.8

    SNEN 1207XGR

    12 12.7 7.94 1.2
    Type Grade

    FBN 7025

    FBN 9325

    FBK 7520

    SNEN 0904XGR

    SNEN 1207XGR

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